A list of 25 good topics for cause and effect essays.

Throughout a students academic life they would undoubtedly encounter many assignments that either require the construction of a cause and effect essay or have just the essay itself to prepare. With this said it is a good idea to gain as much practice on this type of coursework before you actually get one that will be graded. I have created a list of fifteen excellent topics that any student can work into a superb cause and effect essay. Remember that practice is very important when it comes to learning a particular topic or subject matter so perform this action whenever you can.

  1. Write an exciting paper on how weather affects many people and state the actual mental states these people change into.
  2. How does divorce affect the children of such a family over the years?
  3. Prostitution is practice that can be recorded throughout the world. Show how this industry can change the nature of a nation.
  4. Many people, regardless of occupation or academic pursuits, have at some point in time suffered from insomnia. Write about its effects on a persons potential.
  5. Discuss the issue of online shopping and how easily this form of economic activity can become addictive.
  6. Define the consequences one may face if they choose to drop out of school before attaining sufficient certification.
  7. Is feminism restructuring the traditional design of a family? Prepare a suitable cause and effect paper on this issue.
  8. Some authoritative persons state that many exercise junkies have gotten this way simply because they naturally have a lower sense of self worth. Bring evidence for this statement.
  9. Address the effects that longer school days may have on students belonging to various prominent global cultures.
  10. Fracking is not a well known issue like deforestation but it does belong to the same class of negative actions that should be made obsolete. Explain how necessary it is for the authorities to address this growing issue.
  11. Structure a superb paper on the different ways air pollution can and has affected large cities.
  12. Does it seem that single parent homes produce a better or a worse student in terms of their academic and disciplinary proficiency?
  13. State the causes and effects that stress has on the student body of a school. Can these indicators be clearly observed by the average onlooker?
  14. Should grand parents be allowed to have full custody and responsibility of teenage students?
  15. What makes people choose fast food for meals that they can easily spend the time to make?