How To Write An Essay From Scratch: 5 Must-Know Tricks

In middle school and high schools, students are supposed to learn how to write an essay from scratch. However, when students reach higher levels of education, they fail to remember how to write one without the assistance of a teacher. Fortunately, there places that students can go for help crafting their essays. If you are having difficulty remembering what an essay needs, you can use this company and these tricks:

  1. Remember that every essay contains the same elements. If you can remember the simple structure of an essay, you will always be able to write one. The structure remains the same; it is only the information in it that changes. Every essay contains an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  2. Remember what is included in the first and last paragraphs. Once you remember the basic structure of the essay, you should be able to remember that the first and last paragraphs are mirror images of each other. The introductory paragraph begins with a hook. Then, it includes background information. The last sentence is the thesis. The concluding paragraph does it all in reverse, so it begins with a restatement of the thesis, restatement of the main ideas of the paper, and then it ends with a reconnection to the hook.
  3. Imagine the essay as a giant hamburger. The buns are the introduction and conclusion. The meat, lettuce, tomato, and condiments are the body paragraphs. This image helps students remember that the introduction and conclusion mirror each other and that the body paragraphs are the most important parts.
  4. The body paragraphs are structured the same way. Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence that refers back to the thesis. Then, the rest of the sentences need to alternate between proving the topic sentence and providing examples to show the proof. Many people use the acronym “PEEL” to remember how to structure the body paragraphs. The P stands for the point - or topic sentence. The EE’s are explanation and evidence. The EE’s can be repeated together several times in each paragraph. The L stands for link, which is how the writer ties up the paragraph.
  5. Practice makes it easier to write. Even if you consider yourself a poor writer, the only way to get better is to practice. If you do not write an essay, your instructor will not be able to help you get better.