5 Good Ways To Start An Expository Essay About Your Hobby

Have you been asked to write an expository essay about your hobby? If so, you will want to know what an expository essay is. Simply, this type of paper requires you to investigate a topic (in this instance, your hobby), expound on the idea and give an argument concerning it.

Let’s say that your hobby is playing baseball. You should investigate the game itself, say why you became interested in it yourself and make a case for, perhaps, why baseball is such a good hobby.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are 5 good ways to start:

  1. First you need to select the hobby you are going to explore. It could be the case that you only have one hobby, in which case you will select that, but if you have several, you will need to ascertain which one would be best explored. Let’s say you have three hobbies: baseball, drawing and making model airplanes. Which one would best serve an expository essay? Carefully think through the factors of each one to discover which is most suitable for the above criteria.
  2. Once you have your topic, make a list about its different factors. For model airplane making this could include things like: why it is a productive hobby, the history of self-constructing models, the airplanes that the models are based on etc. The more you can think of different strands of the hobby, the better prepared you will be to start writing your paper.
  3. Write an outline for your paper. Work out what information goes together and which information you want to include. Make sure that you have plenty of research to include. Then work out how many chapters you will need and what each one’s identity and purpose is. Come up with rough chapter titles and decide where your information should be placed.
  4. Now you can actually start writing. Your paper will include: an introduction, body text (the chapters) and a conclusion. You should start with chapter one and leave the introduction until the end. It will be so much easier to write, once you have finished your paper.
  5. You need to draw your reader in from the very start, so begin your essay in a descriptive and informative manner that makes the reader want to continue reading. Make sure that the rest of your paper follows suit and you won’t go far wrong.