How Do You Write A Descriptive Essay About Winter Season: Simple Directions

Descriptive essays are a genre of writing that requires you, as a writer to describe an event, a place, an object, person, situation, or whatever is required. In this type of essay, you can let your imagination run wild, let your words do the talking. It is important to create a vivid picture of what you are describing. You should not just tell what you want the readers to see; you have to show it to them. So, rather than telling them, “Snow fell on the sidewalk in the morning,” you should use more descriptive language that would let them imagine what you have in your head,
“White tufts of snow fell on the ground outside the house, like pieces of cotton on the grass, as the sun was rising early at the break of dawn.”

The latter is more interesting to read than the bland statement before. It captures the readers and helps them imagine a picture as if they had actually seen it themselves. This is what is required of a descriptive essay. Here are some other ideas:

  • You can explain how the winter season begins and how you experience it and how you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) it.
  • You can make them experience your experience; you can make them feel what you felt.
  • You can focus on the five senses to make the feelings more real; you can write about the sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, with such creative language that the reader should feel as if he had been with you listening to the patter of snow on the ground, smell of hot chocolate your mum made as the cold air touched your skin, or perhaps the taste of snow as you held the first snowflake on your tongue or even the feeling you had as it melted on your tongue and morphed from cold snow, to warm liquid that would trickle down your throat.
  • You can explain exactly what it looked like when the kids had snowball fights outside and how the driveways were filled with snow.

These methods will help the readers relive it from your point of view. If you have explained these memories and these sights vividly enough, it will make a person who has never seen snow feel like he had been there with you in winter.