The Key To Writing A Strong Persuasive Essay About Being Yourself

As far as formal education is concerned, you will always be asked to write various types of essays and on different topics. One of such essays is the persuasive essay. In writing this type of paper, you are being helped to build and improve your persuasive skills which would equip you to engage in effective arguments then and in the future. Therefore, if you have not been taking your academic writing assignments serious, you need to have a change of attitude. For a persuasive paper about being yourself, here are tips that would help you create a very strong paper. They are as follows:

  • Create A Strong Thesis: Don’t forget you are writing a persuasive essay about being yourself and as such, your thesis statement should do more than addressing the topic of the paper. Rather, your thesis statement should be able to establish your viewpoint or position. When you create a strong thesis, it gives your paper a solid foundation on which to stand.
  • Include All The Components: If it is your first time of writing a persuasive paper, you need to understand that there are three major components that should form the body of your paper and they are logical appeal, ethical appeal and emotional appeal. They are referred to as logos, ethos, and pathos respectively. Apart from your paper appealing to your readers’ sympathies, it must also be based on logic and ethics.
  • Proper Organization: For your persuasive essay about being yourself to make an impression on your tutor and other readers, it should be properly organized. You should be able to prove to your readers that you are capable of properly and effectively organizing your thoughts, even as they are put into writing. As such, proper organization is a must for a strong paper.
  • Impressive Conclusion: The fact that your paper’s conclusion is a restatement of your thesis does not mean it should not pack a punch. You need to leave an indelible impression in the minds of your readers. This can be tactfully achieved by composing a conclusion that tells your target readers that you don’t have any doubt in your arguments and not only are such arguments valid, they are also logical. If possible, include a call to action that would make this part of your persuasive essay the most memorable of all the parts of the paper.