Problem Of Unemployment In The United States

Apparently, every economy has its issues and challenges. Notably, unemployment is a critical issue for the US. According to experts, about 7 million of the citizens of the United States struggle and still find themselves stagnating. They find that the work they desire to do to earn a living is out of reach. Various and several names are used to refer to these workers. The economists, for example, refer them to as discouraged workers. Most economists, at the same time, keep posing the question of whether the US economy could do better than it is currently doing. However, there is also a likelihood that an economy could do worse if the situations do not seem to result in positive changes. For example, most of the people unemployed by the government cannot secure employment in other places, including the private sector. This means that they are usually stressed on how to handle their bills as well as their needs and wants. In even huge economies, it is possible to be working for huge companies yet earning so little, only enough to support the family. While this is the case, the cost of living continues to rise with the cost of education, for example being very high. For those who are lucky to secure loans, the lending rates are also on the rise. Most people may be surviving on loans and debts.

What Can Be Done to Reduce the High Unemployment Rates?

It is vital to look at the issue of unemployment with a lot of seriousness and concern as it affects the citizens directly. Also, there are also children who suffer if their parents are unemployed. To start with, experts indicate that there is a three-way approach to dealing with the issue; saving the planet, then raising the wages and finally ensuring that the children are alright. Controlling climate changes by reducing the greenhouse effects is vital. This will be essential in encouraging food growth, and thus, more people will be employed in the sector. Improving or raising the minimum wages as well as providing better and more job opportunities for the citizens is also a critical step towards solving unemployment. All children need to be in a position to gain easy and quality access to education and development institutions.

Job Creators

The education systems need to focus more on training that encourages job creation as opposed to job seeking. This will be critical and vital in creating better and several job options.