The Civil Rights Movement Of The 1960'S

The civil rights enjoyed in America today did not just come on a silver plate. They were fought for by people who saw how they were being mistreated and getting denied some of the fundamental rights. The civil rights movements began towards the end of the 1950s. It attained pace in the early 1960s and then started bearing some fruits. Its events began with three African American gentlemen that went to a hotel and ordered for lunch. They were not served because people of their color were not frequent or even allowed into the hotel. The three gentlemen on seeing this went and sat on the counter that food was being served so that no other person was served. This was the first step towards the civil movements. The hotel from then extended its services to help even the black Americans. It also got on the front line to support the changes that came up to fight for civil rights. The movements of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was formed and was on the forefront in fighting discrimination based on color in the South. This led to the creation of the first Civil Act in the Constitution of America. It allowed for criminal punishment to any person that denied a right or o obscured one to an African American.

The United States in the Public Eye

1960 was in the time after the Second World War. There was the cold war where countries especially the superpowers were spying on each other. Therefore America was in the spotlight and any acts of discrimination received considerable international attention and were turned into world news. The National Congress felt that there was a need to protect their name and image to the international community. America used to treat civil rights activists very badly. This led to the 1964 Civil Rights Act that prohibited any discrimination based on sex or race.

Resistance Against the civil Acts

All these acts were faced by a lot of opposition from the Native Americans. There were a lot of protests and crushes between those in support of the rights and those opposing. This was experienced between the years 1964 and 1965. During this period, civil rights activists and leaders like Malcolm X and Medgar Evers were assassinated. This showed that the white were not ready to let go easily. After these incidents, some of the Civil Rights movements that were peaceful defected. They resolved to protest in a violent manner.