Useful Advice On How To Organize A Persuasive Essay

We've all heard those annoying infomercials. Night after night they try to convince us to purchase a product. How about those crime shows? The lawyers that work feverishly to convince a jury that whoever is either innocent or guilty. Well, these two examples have one thing in common. Both are persuasive. Knowing how to be persuasive is a valuable tool for everyday life. Here are some useful tips for writing a persuasive essay.

  • Decide your argument: To find your argument, you must find what you are passionate about. It can be anything; Human rights, education, politics, sports, economy, etc.
  • Research your topic:Once you have your topic, you must research that topic. Write down all facts and cite the articles or websites from which you took those facts. It is a good idea to label information so that you can sort the “useful” from the “non-useful.” Only the useful and most relevant information can be used in your argument.
  • Plot your findings: This is where you begin to organize your thoughts. Start by separating ideas into columns. One column will be all the reasons why you think such and such a thing, was wrong or right. Column two is for all the researched facts that support your idea, column three is for the arguments that could be made against your topic. You'll need column three as a reference to defend further your idea.
  • Making a case for your argument. After plotting, you'll have to make a case for your argument. This should be easy because everything is already there and organized. This is where you lead up to your argument. Remember to state all your facts clearly. Keep your story straight and to the point.
  • State your argument: This is where you actually tell your argument, “I believe based upon the fact that the milk was left out of the fridge, it spoiled.” See? We made a case based on the facts we collected and then presented our argument. The next sentence should back the argument, “The room temperature conditions were unfavorable.”

In conclusion, the steps to a good persuasive essay are simple. Decide your argument, research the topic, plot your findings, make a case based on facts, and then state the argument. Use these helpful tips, and you'll fly through those tough essay assignments.