A Creative Approach To Improving Essay Writing Language Techniques

Writing essay assignments is easier as compared to rest of the academic assignments. Students write several different types of these papers ranging from argumentative to informative, narrative to descriptive, comparison and analysis essays. Each of these assignments follows the same structure but the style and tone of writing changes. If you are writing an argumentative paper for example, you will be more like delivering a speech. You have to use a convincing tone to persuade the audience of your ideas and give them enough logical and factual reason to do so. In an analysis paper, you have to stay objective and adopt an evaluative tone. Different forms of writing will demand different techniques and tone from you. If you are looking to improve your essay writing skills then it is a great idea because it is important to develop your skills. You will keep attempting such assignments for the rest of your career so it is great if you know how to attempt them

Here is a creative approach to improve your essay writing skills and language techniques

  1. Practice writing on different subjects
  2. If you keep writing in the same style and tone, or about the same subject, you will never really know what is challenging for you. You need to attempt different subjects so that you can gain a better knowledge and understanding and learn how to deal with different types of assignments. Try essay prompts from past papers and other resources and attempt them on your own. This will help you develop your skills for the actual assignments

  3. Read a lot
  4. Reading is always a magic mantra that can improve your writing without much effort. People who tend to read a lot always make great writers. It increases your vocabulary and polishes your skills

  5. Compare your writings with expert written papers
  6. Find expert written papers and compare what you have written with them. You will clearly see the difference and areas that need improvement. This will give you a standard to follow

  7. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses
  8. After comparing your work you will eventually get a fair idea of which areas you are strong at while which of them are tough for you. For example if you make a lot of mistakes in grammar and punctuation then that is your weakness

  9. Work on your weak areas
  10. When you know where you lack, you can focus on getting it fixed