Hillary Clinton

Back in 2001 the United States Senate welcomed its first ever Female on a public Office Chair. Later in the year 2009 she was elected as the first woman and the 67th Secretary Of State. She stayed in that position for a good four years till 2013. In the year 1947 in October on the 26th, Hillary Clinton was born in Illinois in Chicago. She was raised in the outskirts located to the North and West side of the city, the development itself goes by the name Park Ridge. She was born as the eldest daughter to Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham and Hugh Rodham. Her father was the owner of a menial sized store whereas her mother was a housewife raising Hillary and her two younger siblings, both boys, Hugh and Anthony, three and seven years younger than her respectively.


When she was a young woman Clinton began participating in a lot of political activities and was an active member of a lot of Republican groups. She showed her utter support for a presidential candidate in that department in the year 1964. It was because of people like him and also the age old politicians that left a mark on her mind and inspired her to become a part of politics like she did. She was very impressed with how Martin Luther King handled and fought for the rights of the blacks. Based on her inspirations and admirations she herself became a democrat in the year 1968.

Presidential Candidate

It was in the year 2007 that Clinton decided she would work towards becoming the first ever woman President of the United States. However when in 2008 she saw that Barrack Obama had established himself as a rather prominent nominee and was bound to take on a vast majority of the votes she pulled out.

Once Obama won the elections, it was him who nominated Clinton based on all her accomplishments and passion as the Secretary Of State. That is when she accepted the position and accepted the title as well. During the time in that position Clinton she used her power to ensure that the things being ignored before were finally taken into light. In order to do this she introduced charters and took initiatives to protect not just women’s rights but human rights altogether. She did a great deal to promote the good name of the United States in places like Libya as well.

Now in the year 2016 she is running as a presidential candidate again against Donald Trump, this time around there is nothing to stop her.