Practical Tips For Composing A College-Level Essay About Success

As you get older, your ideas of success change. They become more relative to your current state and certainly more realistic. You can take your goals and align them with how you will be successful. You may have to write an essay on success. You will want it to be different than some of the others submitted, so it stands out from the crowd. Use our practical tips for composing a college-level essay about success.

Practical Tips

  1. Decide what the word success means to you. Until you fully understand your definition of the word, you can’t write about it. Make a list of what you want to obtain to have success. These should be nonmaterial and material items. After you make that list, review it and sort the goals into realistic, tough to do, but possible, and nonrealistic. You have to decide how to label each goal, but becoming Superman will probably go under nonrealistic.
  2. Now determine your time frames for obtaining these goals of success. You should also decide the steps that will be necessary to get to fruition of each one. You should begin to focus on two or three of the most important goals for your paper at this point. To try to write more will make for too lengthy of a composition.
  3. Once your have done these things, you should have a short list of the things you think make up success. Again, having two-three is a good number. You can now make an outline for the paper. You can make a topic or sentence one, and begin to plot the course of your paper. The outline will help you to stay focused and on task. It may go through some revisions, but this is fine. In fact, if you don’t have to revise it, you may have a problem.
  4. You will also create a thesis statement. It will mention your two-three ideas. A sample might be, “To lead a healthy and wealthy life would be a success to me.” Another topic sentence may be, “Success is very personal, but can be defined as having a full and long career, having a family, and owning a home.” Your definition will be personal to you, and that is okay. The more simple and clearer you can keep the thesis statement, the better off you will be.