Creating An Interesting Essay Outline About Malcolm X

An essay outline is a document that helps students organize their ideas in a logical manner and remember the key points of their work. If you are assigned a topic about Malcolm X, it will not take you long to create an outline and start writing the paper itself. Use the guidelines provided below to write your assignment without a hitch:

  1. Come up with a topic idea.
  2. You should come up with a narrow topic so that you will be able to cover it in your paper. For example, you can discuss whether Malcolm was a racist and why you think so. You can also analyze the effects of the death of his father on his future. Remember about the length of your assignment and keep your essay as brief as possible by writing about the most important points.

  3. Compose an interesting thesis statement.
  4. An outline should contain your thesis idea. You can revise and clarify it later if you need. Make sure that your statement is arguable and presents your personal point of view. For example, you can claim that the loss of the father at the early age caused a serious psychological trauma that Malcolm had to deal with throughout his entire life.

  5. Write a detailed outline of the body paragraphs.
  6. The more details you provide in the outline, the faster you will write your essay. For instance, you can write a paragraph about how different father figures have contributed to Malcolm’s growth and development. One of the statements that you can add to your outline can look something like “The role of Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Malcolm’s transformation.

  7. Add all the important details.
  8. The points in your outline should be specific. It takes some time to find some unusual or unknown facts about Malcolm X to support each of your claims. Avoid a common student mistake and provide dates, names, and places in your outline. Having all the dates will help you organize your writing in a chronological order. You can also group the events that took place in the same place.

  9. Keep your readers in mind.
  10. After the first draft of your outline is ready, try to read it from the perspective of the potential readers. Make sure that the essay would be interesting to them and that they will understand your key points. Do not hesitate to cut unnecessary details and add something that will make your paper complete. If you have any doubts whether your outline is well-written, consult your instructor and ask questions.