8 Best Places to Search for an MLA Essay Example

MLA formatting style comes with strict and unique rules. Failure to understand or follow these rules will lead to penalties and compromise your performance. To ensure that you adhere to these rules, a example of an essay in MLA format will guide you. What are some of these reliable sources?

From Your Teacher

Teachers have access to numerous and high quality resources including incredible samples in different formatting styles. Teachers also understand the formatting rules and therefore will never mislead you. By getting an example from the teacher, you will further seek clarification in case some of the rules are not clear.

From Peers

Peers happen to be working on a similar assignment. Some are lucky and quick to get samples. Talk to them to get a copy of the examples they are using. This is also an opportunity to discuss the assignment in case some areas are challenging.


Libraries stock an incredible variety of high quality academic resource materials. Because of the scrutiny that goes into selecting these materials, you are guaranteed of its quality. These resources are available free of charge.

Previous Works

The MLA format does not change regardless of the topic. This allows you to use a previous essay for reference purposes. Take note of the variations in instructions and implement that in your current essay.

Writing Agencies

Writing agencies provide numerous materials to their clients and the public. The challenge with some agencies is the quality. Others will demand that you pay for the examples. If you are not aware of a reliable agency, get a referral or recommendation.


Seniors have already completed your grade and therefore know the struggle of finding a quality example. Request a senior to give you a copy of his own essay or a sample he used. They offer the samples for free.

From the Department

Departments have data bases where they store the best works for each year, course, etc. Such past papers will act as a perfect example especially those written in MLA. The quality of a paper from the department is guaranteed.

From Assistants

There are assistants who assist with academic work in neighborhoods. Their services are advertised online or from local stores. Contact such an assistant to get a reliable sample. The assistants also help you to complete homework and essays.