Animal Rights

This paper will explore the insight and research information that involves the aspects of animal rights. This topic is often very sensitive and has been a very difficult topic to discuss because of the sensitivity of it all. Many animal rights activists groups and concerns are discussing ways of equal consideration for animals and equality amongst civilization within our society to coexist. Sensitivity, purpose, and declaration of animal rights are very important, and help us define the validity of the importance of these rights. Other articles define animal rights as an advocacy and form of activism that directly supports the development of embodied sensibilities of animals in our society. Other research has explicated the theories of why preserving animal rights are pertinent to our society, and the steps that can be take to improve the processes directly of it.

Animal rights have been compared to an area of socialization and social well being as a human being. Adam and Eve were created to oversee animals within the Garden of Eden and take care of them. The goal of the first man was to not only name these creatures, but to have deep respect to them as being a weaker vessel. Granted, the female (Eve) was created to be the compliment of Adam, but animals also fit into this category as well. Animals can display a certain level of intelligence and thought, but don’t have the exact critical thinking or personality skills as us human beings do. This really sets the trend of the animals not having the natural ability to think for themselves for what is right versus what is wrong. However, animals usually “kill” because it is their main animalistic instinct mode of survival. This right puts them below the humanistic capability of being equal to the alpha male.

An animal right constitutes the justification of animal awareness and well being; animals have a right to be respected and to live accordingly with human beings. There are many animal right groups such as PETRA who emphasize the social change of cognitive sensibility to animals. Many protests have spawned, increasing the awareness of animal rights and viability of the sensitivity of naturalistic animal behavioral endeavor. In addition, animal rights need to be preserved and considered in the most sensible cognitive demeanor possible, to co-exist together in a genuine way.