Obesity In America

The problem of obese or overweight people in America is very common. This is despite a lot of effort and struggle by the Federal Government, the media and organized mass educational campaigns to curb the prevalence of obesity in the United States. In fact, according to World Health Organization statistics about obesity, America today has more than double cases of obesity than in the 1950s. Everyone person out of three people is obese or at the risk of suffering from obesity. Adults in America are the worst hit with nearly sixty-five percent being obese. This accounts for about seventy-eight million American adults. Worse still is that thirteen million children in America are obese. According to many the solution to obesity sounds very easy but I will tell you for sure that it is deceptive to think of it that way. Achieving the right body size and shape is not a matter of making a resolution to eat less and do exercises.

Societal Factors

Obesity is mostly associated with eating habits. These patterns are largely controlled by biological factors that in turn control the brain. It is a complex system hard to comprehend that is designed to ensure survival and regulate or control food intake. The body organs play a vital role in triggering hunger that in return causes the want to eat. The same brain will coordinate with these organs and send a stop signal once you get full. But the body acts funny and it has another system known as the reward system. This is what causes the desire to eat when we see or smell foods that are appealing. This does not matter whether we are full or not. Apart from these biological factors, there is the role of the society. The kind of foods available today has made it hard to control the intake of certain food components. This is largely contributed by the extensive use of processed foods. Food portions today are at least four times larger than they were decades ago. Also, the amount of sugar in foods in many American hotels is about six times than it was four decades ago. This makes it hard for disciplined eating.

Possible solutions

The main way to help an obese person is by helping them find a way to resist hunger signals. This can be effectively achieved by combining a lot of things. One is that you have to be able to manage stress and sleep enough. It will be hard to achieve this and it may require a lot of coaching and massive social support.