Useful Suggestions For Those Who Are Struggling With Their Essays

An essay can be a very hard thing to write for many people as it tests one’s creativity and imagination. It is not something which can be written by substituting arguments or by giving facts and figures. Some persons hence do not like essays and fear it from the core of their hearts. However it is not an impossible task to write decent essays, provided that they take into consideration certain suggestions.

Suggestions for writing

  • An essay is like narrating a story
  • Essays are first and foremost a self expression of an event or feeling. Most good writers think of it to be more like narrating a story in words.

  • Make writing a fun experience
  • If you do not feel like writing it but the deadline is fast approaching make writing a fun task. Give yourself a deadline, think of fast and easy ways to finish the job. Remove your focus from the task and it be done.

  • Look for some interesting facts about your topic
  • The topic on which you are attempting to write on should have some facts which interest you. Unless you are enthusiastic about your topic it will never interest the examiner to read it either.

  • Use references
  • If this essay is for grading purposes a good and smart technique which you can use to elevate the quality of your work is to quote from books and authors who have written on the issue. You will find they say what you want to say in a more sophisticated manner.

  • Don’t lose originality
  • However references should never mean that you lose all authenticity and originality. Giving proper mention you can state the quotes in your own words.

  • See it like a dance
  • An essay your work of art and hence you should not feel obligated to write in a particular way, you can jump around through events and write it in your way.

  • Avoid some words
  • Avoid the uses of words like cliché, some and that. Also it is preferable to not write in second person.

  • Answer questions through your essay
  • Let your work have a point to it, let it make a statement. You must answer important questions like what, why and how through your work.

  • Use Wikipedia in a controlled manner
  • Many teachers do not consider it to be a reliable source. Hence you can use Wikipedia only if it has reliable sources.