Best Techniques For Enhancing Report And Essay Writing Skills

Students who are good at writing essay love to do so because it gives them the opportunity to shine and show off their skills. It’s an enjoyable and interesting intellectual activity. They get to craft thoughtful words and critical thinking in a restricted word count. It may seem ridiculous that some students look forward to writing, but if you learn a few techniques to get better at this craft, you may find yourself enjoying writing more than you ever have before.

Try these skill-enhancing writing techniques

  1. Every time you write something, get some feedback for it. Especially when it’s academic writing. Ask your teachers for input and listen to what they say. Write it down and make sure you apply it to your next written piece. Each time you write you will be a better writer.
  2. Do lots of reading, especially other people’s essays. These will help you see other writing styles as well as help you form your own. Read a wide range of essays, from a variety of different fields of study and subjects. Don’t limit yourself to reading works from only your narrow field of interest. Read the news as well as opinion pieces. Be critical. Look for both good and bad perspectives on everything you read. You can learn something from everything you read.
  3. Build a good vocabulary and practice using it. Your written work will improve dramatically when you have lots of words to choose from at your fingertips and you know how to use them effectively and in the right place and time. Study a new word every day. There are websites that will send you one new word and it’s meaning per day. This is an easy way to learn new words.
  4. Learn the words needed to assist in developing arguments. Don’t repeat yourself and focus on words and language that will help you build a structure. For example, don’t repeat the word “also”. Instead, use “furthermore”, “however”, and “moreover”. These words help the reader feel guided on a journey through your essay and finally to the conclusion. Repetitive words are clunky and don’t provide smooth reading.
  5. Tell the reader what other people have written on the subject. Give them a broad view of what other knowledge is available related to your topic, and then you can narrow it down to specifics.

One of the best ways to instantly become better at writing is to work more on your proofreading. This step cleans up all the little errors and makes your essay shine.