Basic Things To Know About The Format Of A Compare And Contrast Essay

Writing a good essay is not something every student out there has a good grasp of. In fact, it usually takes a lot of practice for one to be able to write paper which can be given good marks and even awarded. A lot of times when it comes to writing some form academic assignments, students concentrate on the ideas they have in readiness for the writing process and forget about other aspects of writing such as formatting which are equally important when it comes to awarding of marks. Well, different types of academic articles should pursue their own rules of formatting and this should get you thinking of such type of writing as compare and contrast, narrative, persuasive and among others. How are you supposed to format a compare and contrast article? Definitively, this is a paper which seeks to give a distinction of two prospects, things or people using their characteristics. On such a premise, the way one is supposed to format a compare and contrast essay will always vary significantly from the way a paper on some narration ought to be formatted.

There are basic rules to writing and these are most of the times taught in class, but what about that student who has a poor grasp of academic writing concepts? How can such a student be assisted? A lot of tips are out there, in books and on the web. To bring the best closer to you, this post takes a look at some basic things to know when formatting a compare and contrast paper.

Important points should always come first

Well, when you have been assigned a compare and contrast essay, it is always important to make sure formatting is done the right way. To get you started, you should make sure most important points are identifiable. In this case, they should come up first as thesis statements in each and every paragraph.

Body text/paragraphs

Just like it is the case with other types of writing, this section should be well formatted and by extension, filled with variable explanations which expound on ideas captured in the thesis statements.

Concluding your paper

A compare and contrast article can be difficult to conclude and especially of you have been writing with no definitive direction in mind. Well, based on which side of the argument outweighs the other, the conclusion should give your stance.