Useful Tips For Writing A Synthesis Essay On The Great Gatsby

Writing a synthesis essay is not a very difficult job, but it does require a little bit of brain processing from your part. No matter the book, you should know that you have a little bit of work to do if you want to get this job done right. That doesn't mean that you can't really do it fast, it just means that you will definitely have to put in some effort and you will have to focus on the task, otherwise you might things done, but you work will pretty much be sloppy, and that is something that nobody wants or aims for.

  1. Read the book. This is by far the most important and crucial step. Without this, you can't make a great essay, period. You can do a good one, and you can copy some ideas off the internet, but that will not make for a great one. If you want to do an excellent piece of work, you have, and I can't emphasize on this enough, you have to read the book first so you can form your own opinion and appreciate it in your own unique way.
  2. Connections. Now that you have done the research (read the book and maybe you have gotten some information about the author) it's to discover some connections. Explain in your own words, why some relationships present are important, why you think that they mean something so big. This sounds easy, especially if you are looking for inspiration online, but trust me, you will have to work pretty hard to do this all by yourself, which is a great thing, it will help with your development. If you do it by yourself, it will pave the way for the 3 part, it will make it much easier and much more interesting for the reader.
  3. Perspective or argument. Come up with a unique argument or perspective about what you have learned so far, this will be much easier to do if everything that you did so far came out of your mind as well. It will seem like everything ties up perfectly, and that is exactly what you need to do a great essay. It's going to be a smooth transition in everything, and this transition, trust me, it will make the difference between a good, acceptable essay that doesn't stand out with anything, to a great one that will be appreciated by everyone.