Great Tips for Writing a Strong Essay on To Kill a Mockingbird

The scenario in Southern World of Maycomb reflects the similar snapshots taken by Harper Lee during her adolescent stage in Alabama. She grew in the midst of racial profiling, chauvinism and political disturbance. Therefore, many critics state that Lee has gathered her previous snapshots of caustic experience and remnants of blurred vision to compose the award winning novel entitled To Kill a Mockingbird. Her novel is fantastic and impressive. All characters are live with colorful presentation. Lee has had a flashback of the communal conflict and racism in Alabama. Scottsboro issues have been broached up in her famous novel. Way back to 1960, Gregory Peck movie was shot based on To Kill a Mockingbird. Write the research paper about the significance of her novel in the modern context.

Do the Character Delineation

The character delineation must be conducted properly. This particular novel written by Harper Lee has the solid ingredients to present the preview of the severity of color distinction and insurgency in Maycomb and Alabama. Black colored people were not honored by White men. The color distinction is not negligible. Atticus, a lawyer and the duty bound father of Scout, had to face the turmoil while supporting Tom Robinson in a rape case. Tom is a black colored guy and he has been arrested for cross examination. His presence in the sexual harassment has not been overlooked by the judge. However, Atticus has claimed that Robinson is not guilty. The jury didn’t pay heed to his declaration. The judge is white colored and therefore he is influenced by the hypocrisy and racism. This inequality has been delineated in this novel. Well, while doing the character evaluation, you must need relevant details to write the paper on Lee’s novel.

Re-evaluate Protagonists in Content

In Lee’s novel, the appearance of Scout is typical because of her over smartness in behaving with others. She is a cute and energetic girl. She is also an intelligent girl with good imagination. She has learned earlier how to scale up the tree. She became tom boy and did different antics. However, her mindset about the black community was awkward. Atticus is a gentleman with decency in speech and behavior. Scout remarked desperately without covering her intention. Once she laughed and quipped by saying that she had not met a black snowman who had no experience to walk through the snow laden place. She commented ridiculing black community. Her assumption and evaluation were guided by communalism and racism.

Describe the role of Atticus to teach Scout how to become a polite person with enriched taste. Carry on by illustrating research paper by including lot of contextual evidence, facts and quoted statements delivered protagonists in Lee’s masterpiece.