Ultimate directions

for creating an original essay


Take some time to check the instructions that you have been given. If you are asked to do an argumentative essay make sure that you understand that it is not the same as a persuasive one. They are similar but not the same. Also make sure that you understand the typical layout: introduction, middle and conclusion. Some students ask help by essay writer online.


Find and read examples. Ask you tutor, check in the library for examples. If you still cannot find what you want then look at somecustom writing service websites that can give you a choice - look for a variety of grades so you get to know what a good, excellent or poor piece of work looks like.

Choice of Topic

You may already have an idea fro your topic but if you haven’t look at some of the websites that can provide you with homework help online. Even if the ideas themselves do not appeal to you, they may inspire you to explore new ideas. If you are interested in the topic then you will motivate your reader.

Talk over your ideas

Even if you are quite sure of your topic, check in with your tutor. They may be able to give you some further ideas on the treatment of your topic or give you some ideas that give a different and unique slant on your topic. Talk over your ideas with other students.

Logical progression of ideas. In the last section, you looked at the content, now you need to plan how you will guide your reader from one idea to the next, seamlessly. The best way to do my homework is by planing the progression of ideas, then go and leave it for a day. When you go back to your work do you still feel that you have the order correct.

Planning Time

Allow yourself time to plan. Time spent on planning is a worthwhile investment. Decide if you need to do any further research on your topic. Does it involve collecting information or opinions from other people or do you need to research online. Limit your research time and narrow your focus otherwise you may get sidetracked/.

Helpful Ideas

Planning the Content

Once you have got all of the information that you need. Start planning how you are going to give a very balanced approach to the task. Make sure that you give your reader time to digest what you are saying. Take time to consider your audience. If they have knowledge of the topic you need to tell them something new.

Opening paragraph

This is the bit that will invite your reader to delve further. Before you set the scene with the introduction, use a quote or an appropriate anecdote. Use work that relates to your topic. Reach out to your audience, give them a taster of what is to come. Make sure that your introduction gives an outline of the slant you are taking.

Closing paragraph

Give this just as much time and effort as your opening paragraph. Draw all of the points that you have made in the main part of your writing. Do not assume that the reader will do this on their own, guide them to the conclusion that you have made. Leave your reader with something to think about.


Make sure that you have left plenty of time to read through your work carefully. Preferably you need to read through your work, make any immediate changes and then put the work aside for a day or two. Then, go back to your essay, and read it with。ョfresh eyes’, you will probably find some more typos and grammatical errors.