Ways To Reduce Stress

The word stress is used to explain the way people feel when everything seems to be too much to handle. Mostly people are usually overloaded and wonder whether they can cope with all the pressures involved with them. In short, stress can be said to be anything that poses a threat or a challenge to the well-being of a person. Stress is normally accompanied with different aspects of our lives. In most cases when one is stressed some things happens to like his or her blood pressure increases, rapid breathing, slowdown in his/her digestive system, increased heart rates, increased alertness due to lack of sleep, and having a weak immune system. Not all stress is bad, an example is that stress experienced during our comfort zone. This form of stress helps us to work under pressure, motivate us to do our best and keeps us on our toes but beyond this point stress can be harmful to our bodies and mind.

Unhealthy ways to reduce stress

Unhealthy ways of reducing stress only work temporarily and can cause major damages to your body in the long run. Smoking and drinking your way out of stress will never work, but instead it will affect your health life. Both smoking and drinking have been associated with many diseases that have led to thousands of deaths that make the two methods not an option for reducing stress. Taking out your stress problems on others and zoning out in front of computer and television won’t help but instead add salt to the injury. Using others to reduce stress by lashing on them, angry outbursts, and having physical violence are not healthy ways to fight stress. People who think of using drugs and pills to help relax only increases their chances of being drug addicts instead of fighting stress. Other unhealthy ways such as excessive sleeping, procrastinating and staying indoors only stigmatizes your body and mind.

Healthy ways to reduce stress

Healthy ways are those that makes you feel calm and in control of your emotional and physical health. Physical activities help in both reducing and preventing stress effects. Any form of physical activity can help in relieving stress and burning out tension, anger, and frustrations. Social engagement to most people is the best means to rein in stress. By reaching out to people and building relationships, one can calm down his/her nervous system that makes one to experience being safe. Avoid unnecessary stress by understanding your limits and sticking to them, avoiding people who cause stress in your life and also by ensuring a safe environment around you.