Michael Jackson

When Michael Jackson died at the young age of 50 it rocked the entire world. As tragic as his death was, it pales in comparison to the years of tragedy that plagued his life. In three decades he underwent many plastic surgeries that deformed his body, erratic behavior that showed the emotional damage of fame, and a trial in 2005 where he was accused of the sexual abuse of a child. While Jackson was found innocent of any wrongdoing, the media convicted him and made a spectacle of him. It was only in the heart of his fans who never wavered or believed he was capable of anything bad.

A Talent Revealed

When you peel back all the layers of drama and turmoil, his talent was revealed. He is still revered as one of the most talented individuals of the 20th century. Many of his most quintessential solo albums were produced by Quincy Jones. The producer was devastated when he heard the news of Jackson’s passing. Throughout the 80’s Quincy and Jackson collaborated on many songs that changed the way the world looked at music. Today those same songs are still played in almost every corner of the world. Jackson had it all, in fact he was the very embodiment of music and rhythm.

Michael Jackson was number seven of nine brothers and sisters. He was born in 1958. By the time he was six years old he was singing with his brothers in the Jackson 5. At 8 years old he was the lead singer alongside his brother Jermaine. There was little doubt who the groups star was. Michael was the most talented singer and dancer in the group. Even at a young age he had star power. The entire world loved to watch him.

Going Solo

After leaving Motown Records, Michael was going into adolescence. The group became just the Jacksons. Inevitably some of their charm had waned. As Michael emerged into a solo career, his innocence began to fade and his voice continued to develop. Early on he met up with Quincy Jones and he was in the film The Wiz. The pair continued to collaborate and each believed in the direction that the singer’s career should follow. With the release of the 1979 album Off the Wall, that vision exceeded Michael’s wildest dreams. The album spun off four hits that were in the Top Ten, and two of them were at number one.

By 22 he was one of the most admired pop musicians in the world. He was famous all over the globe. He continued to release albums that topped the charts. He became the musician who would set the tone for decades to come. As a dancer he had the best feet seen on any street. He cut across all boundaries before him and paved a way that change the course of entertainment forever.